Phil Jackson compares Stephen Curry to Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf


On Saturday night, Stephen Curry‘s overtime game-winner against the Thunder was one of the most incredible moments in a career that has already been full of them. And it came in the wake of a parade of retired players like Oscar Robertson comparing Curry (mostly unfavorably) to players from their era.

Phil Jackson, among the best ever at pushing buttons, tweeted a comparison for Curry that’s somewhat unorthodox: Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf.

The first instinct among just about everybody online when Jackson sent this tweet was to ridicule it. But’s Kevin Pelton dug up a time when Warriors head coach Steve Kerr made the same exact comparison:

It’s hard to know what to do with the comparison — Abdul-Rauf was obviously not nearly the shooter Curry is, a career 35.9 percent three-point shooter despite playing some of his career in the early ’90s with a shortened three-point line. He was an underrated player in his time, and it’s cool that Jackson is giving him some attention now, but it’s not a bad thing to admit that, no, we have never seen anything like Stephen Curry before.