Dwight Howard fires Dan Fegan as agent



When a report emerged the Rockets were working with Dwight Howard‘s agent on a trade, Dan Fegan said, “I’m not privy to what the Rockets are doing or not doing with respect to Dwight Howard.”

I wrote, somewhat facetiously: “As far as Fegan saying he’s not privy to what the Rockets are doing with Howard, that’s deliberately misleading – maybe he doesn’t know their specific, exact plans – at best or negligent at worst. Who’d want an agent who didn’t know the team’s plans for the client?”


Calvin Watkins of ESPN:

Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard told ESPN on Thursday night that he has fired his agent, Dan Fegan of Relativity Sports, and has presented the paperwork necessary to the union.

“As I continue to embark on my NBA journey, I have decided to sever my relationship with Dan Fegan and Relativity Sports,” Howard said in a statement provided to ESPN and USA Today Sports. “I have the utmost respect for Dan, but this is the right decision for me. My sole focus remains working with my teammates to position the Rockets for a pursuit of a championship. I wish Dan and the team at Relativity all the best in the future.”

This is a big summer for Howard. He likely will and should opt out of his contract. At age 30, this is probably his last decent chance to secure a long-term max contract, though it’s not certain he’ll get one.

The days before the trade deadline were also pivotal for Howard, who — according Fegan — had teams ready to deal for him he’d opt in. I believe Howard made the optimal move by declining those requests, but I wonder whether Howard wishes he had a different person advising him through that.

Fegan represented Howard as the center moved from the Magic to the Lakers to the Rockets. All that team-jumping has hurt Howard’s reputation, and there are plenty of questions whether Fegan did the best for Howard (not that Howard is necessarily an easy client).

It’s been a rough few months for Fegan, who was also fired by DeAndre Jordan after Jordan’s fiasco with the Mavericks. Fegan’s ties to Dallas raised questions about that process, too. John Wall is also among the players who’ve fired Fegan.