Stephen Jackson: ‘We believe’ Warriors would beat these Warriors


While discussing Oscar Robertson’s ridiculous remarks on Stephen Curry, Stephen Jackson — who played for the “We Believe” Warriors who upset the 67-15 Mavericks in 2007 — tried to outdo the Big O.

Jackson on ESPN:

My Warriors team would beat today’s Warriors team.

I guarantee that. I guarantee that.

They’re great, don’t get me wrong. I’m not taking nothing from them. But we would have beat them. We had more heart. We had more heart.”

Zach Lowe’s incredulousness about covers this.

Those Mavericks were 0-3 against Golden State in the 2006-07 regular season. These Warriors have shown no such vulnerabilities to a specific team, and they’re better overall than Dallas was.

Jackson, Baron Davis, Jason Richardson, Matt Barnes, Monta Ellis and co. pulled an incredible upset and they deserve credit for that. But that doesn’t mean they were a great team. Their 42-40 regular-season counts, as does their five-game second-round loss to the Jazz, who lost in five games in the next round to the Spurs.

Could the 2006-07 Golden State team have beaten this year’s Warriors? Sure, just like three flipped coins can all land heads.