Suns GM admits regret for trading Isaiah Thomas at deadline last year


After some success in 2013-14 with the Eric Bledsoe and Goran Dragic two-guard backcourt, the Phoenix Suns decided to double-down on that and added Isaiah Thomas to the mix last season. It didn’t work. By the deadline GM Ryan McDonough was trading Thomas to Boston and looking to move on from that experiment.

Thomas was given the keys to the Celtics offense this season and played his way into the All-Star Game.

In an interview with 98.7 Arizona Sports, McDonough admits moving Thomas — for a rental of Marcus Thornton and Cleveland’s first-round pick this year — was a mistake.

“I think in retrospect trading Isaiah Thomas when we did was a mistake,” he said of last season’s trade deadline deal with the Boston Celtics. “I think sometimes in the recruitment process things sound better in July (luring Thomas in free agency) than they do in November.

“He wanted more, he wanted a bigger role and I understand why: He’s a talented player,” McDonough added. “In retrospect, we should have carried him into the summer. If there’s one (decision) that stands out, if I could get a mulligan, that’d be it.”

It’s good to see a GM admit his mistake. And his impatience was a mistake, in this case, something he corrected with Markieff Morris, where McDonough waited until he got a good deal in return.