Pelicans’ Omer Asik out two weeks

AP Photo/Carlos Osorio
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Will Anthony Davis make an All-NBA team, triggering the Derrick Rose rule and giving the Pelicans big an extra $24 million over his five-year contract extension?

Omer Asik‘s injury could give Davis an opportunity to accumulate numbers that impress voters.

Scott Kushner of The Advocate:

Davis shoots 7.1 percentage points better from the field and attempts 3.1 more free throws per 36 minutes when Asik leaves the floor. Asik just clogs the paint offensively without helping enough defensively.

Asik’s biggest plus has been saving Davis from the wear and tear of guarding centers for major minutes. This injury hurts Davis only if that burden becomes to much on him or Kendrick Perkins gets too many minutes in Asik’s absence.

Pairing Davis with the floor-spacing Ryan Anderson makes New Orleans – Anthony, specifically – more dynamic offensively.

As for the Pelicans’ playoff chances, they’re 5.5 games and three teams out. They were likely cooked already.

At best, this will improve New Orleans’ lottery position. At worst, it’ll unlock Davis’ offensive capabilities and the team climbs the standings without reaching the postseason.

Either way, Davis’ All-NBA chances look even better.