Marcus Morris: Suns’ trade that broke up twins was ‘betrayal’

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

After Marcus Morris and Markieff Morris signed contract extensions, the Suns traded Marcus to the Pistons. Markieff – later traded to the Wizards – sulked through much of his remaining time with Phoenix.

Suns owner Robert Sarver blamed Markieff’s problems on millennials being unable to handle setbacks, like no longer playing with your twin brother.

Marcus, via Ric Bucher of Bleacher Report:

“Everybody thinking that we’re upset because we don’t get to play with each other,” says Marcus, legs stretched in front of him after a Pistons practice in late January. “Kieff can’t deal with adversity? We’re from north Philadelphia. This isn’t adversity. This is betrayal.”

The Morrii have overcome many setbacks, including their house burning down while in high school. Markieff didn’t always handle his situation well, but to suggest he can’t handle adversity is ludicrous.

We don’t know exactly what Phoenix promised them when those extensions were signed, but the twins obviously took the agreement deeply personally. Whatever other mistakes the Suns might have made, they at least failed to recognize the Morris’ mindset.