Matthew Dellavedova picks up flagrant foul shoving Andre Drummond mid-air


Time to fire up the “is Matthew Dellavedova a dirty player” discussion again.

Dellavedova was hustling back to try to break up a Pistons fast break, but in attempt to foul Andre Drummond in the act (he wasn’t going for the block) he pushed an airborne Drummond, who had no defense and went crashing to the ground. That’s a clear Flagrant 1 foul and the refs called it that.

Dellavedova went over and immediately apologized to Drummond. This seemed like another case of Dellavedova playing hard to the point of recklessness rather than being malicious. But if that leads to injuries — hello Kyle Korver — it’s an issue, and other players are not going to be happy. His recklessness puts bodies at risk.

Detroit outplayed and outworked a flat Cavaliers team all night and picked up the win 96-88. Reggie Jackson had 23 points to lead six Pistons in double digits with a balanced attack.