Mark Cuban uses expletives to say Dirk Nowitzki would love a Kobe-style farewell tour

dirk nowitzki
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Dirk Nowitzki isn’t a guy hunting out the spotlight, trying to promote his brand, demanding his own signature shoe. He’s humble off the court.

So he wouldn’t want a Kobe Bryant style farewell tour…

Unless you ask Mark Cuban. As Chris Ballar did at Sports Illustrated.

“Bulls—!Bulls—, bulls—, bulls—, bulls—, bulls—, bulls—! Yeah, he loves that little wave when he comes out and passes a milestone. He loves it. LOOOVES IT! I don’t care what he says. ‘I don’t like going to the All-Star Games. I don’t want a farewell tour.’ He loves it!

“I remember his first All-Star Game, we literally told him he had to pack a knapsack, just in case we roadtrip from Philadelphia to Miami, and he packed one. Me, him and Nash…Oh my God…the s— we did. Can’t believe it’s been, what, 16 years.”

Well, if you use the word seven times you must mean it.

Also, I want to know the stories from that road trip.

I wonder if this is part of the joking relationship between Nowitzki and Cuban or not, this sounds like the ribbing Cuban would give his good friend Nowitzki.

Unlike the Spurs and Tim Duncan — I fully expect his retirement to be announced via emailed press release, with no press conference — Cuban is not going to let Nowitzki slide out of the league quietly. There will be a celebration. Whether Nowitzki wants it or not.