Report: Jason Kidd has ‘long been enamored’ with Ricky Rubio


The Timberwolves reportedly aren’t trading Ricky Rubio by the deadline, and the Bucks reportedly told Michael Carter-Williams they aren’t dealing him, either.

But both reports left open the possibility of revisiting a trade in the offseason.


Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports:

One NBA coach who has long been enamored with Rubio, league sources said: Milwaukee’s Jason Kidd.

If Kidd wants Rubio, he has the authority to pursue a deal. But it won’t be easy getting Minnesota to accept.

Both point guards struggle to shoot, but Rubio’s passing and defense make him the better player. He’s also only one year older than Carter-Williams.

Rubio is locked into an affordable contract that pays $42.3 million over the next three years after this one. Carter-Williams has one-plus season remaining on his rookie-scale contract, and he’ll be eligible for an extension next offseason. If he doesn’t sign one, he’ll be a free agent in 2017 – when the salary cap was projected to be $108 million. With the cap jumping, most, if not all, teams would probably prefer the known quantity of Rubio’s deal.

The Bucks would have to dip into their stash of young players and picks – far more than just Carter-Williams – to get Rubio. How badly does Kidd want him?