LeBron James on why he’ll never coach: ‘I’ll get blamed for every little thing’

AP Photo/Michael Perez

The Suns went 13-35 – and fired Jeff Hornacek.

The Cavaliers went 31-11 – and fired David Blatt.

No matter what goes wrong, coaches usually get blamed in the NBA. That’s why LeBron James says he won’t join the profession after retiring as a player.

LeBron, via Chris Haynes of Cleveland.com:

“Man, I couldn’t be a head coach,” James said to cleveland.com upon learning about Phoenix’s situation.” Boy, I’ll get blamed for every little thing. Can you imagine that? Please.”

That’s rich, considering the role LeBron played in Blatt getting blamed for every little thing.

NBA coaches have it so hard, because they’re rarely the most important employee in an organization. That’s usually the star player, who wields great power to affect a coach. LeBron used his to frequently take passive-aggressive shots at Blatt, making it easier for his teammates to become disenchanted with Blatt.

LeBron is right that he attracts more attention. But that’s mostly because he had been the world’s best player for so long and continues to play at a high level. As a coach, his stature would likely shrink. Coaches, even former stars, just don’t remain as marketable.

And that likely contributes to LeBron’s resistance to coaching. He’s earning max salaries every year, and his business interests are vast. Coaching is too small time for him.

He wants to become an owner – which, not for nothing, offers more insulation from criticism.