Bulls’ Nikola Mirotic underwent second surgery


Bulls forward Nikola Mirotic underwent an appendectomy Wednesday, which was expected to sideline him through the All-Star break.

That wasn’t his only surgery.

Bulls release:

Nikola Mirotić underwent an appendectomy at Rush University Medical Center last Wednesday followed by a hematoma removal over the weekend.  He is currently resting comfortably at Rush and will be discharged within the next few days to begin his rehabilitation.

A date for his return will be re-assessed as he continues to recover.

Perhaps, Mirotic can recover from the hematoma removal concurrently with the appendectomy and not miss any more time than already expected.

The Bulls are 1-2 without Mirotic, beating the Lakers and losing to the Clippers and Jazz. In those games, Chicago is +20 in 74 minutes with Taj Gibson and Pau Gasol on the court and -33 in 75 minutes otherwise. With Joakim Noah already sidelined, the Bulls just don’t have enough quality big-man depth while Mirotic is also on the bend.

Bobby Portis appears to have a bright future, but giving him such a big role right now will come with up-and-downs. Mirotic allows Chicago to compete better in the meantime – at least once he returns.