After DeMarcus Cousins expresses concern, Kings pull back T-shirt giveaway


The Kings made the right call.

Monday night the Kings wanted to celebrate the lunar new year and the Chinese New Year — the year of the monkey — with a T-shirt giveaway in the arena. The shirt featured a monkey caricature and was placed on every seat in the arena.

Monday was also Feb 1 — the start of Black History Month. NBA players wore special warm-up shirts to commemorate that.

DeMarcus Cousins was one of the first people to suggest that giving out a shirt with a monkey on it on the first day of Black History Month may be a pretty grave error, and the Kings heard him, reports the Sacramento Bee.

“We all need a lesson in sensitivity,” Kings president Chris Granger said. “In an effort to celebrate Chinese New Year, we had some concerns about the T-shirt giveaway, so we pulled them all before the doors opened. Certainly we don’t want to offend anybody, and we acted as soon as we heard the concern.”

Former NBA player and current Milwaukee TV analyst Marques Johnson applauded Cousins for speaking up and the Kings for removing the shirts.

“Good move Kings,” Johnson tweeted. “Year of Monkey Tees on 1st day of Black History Month not a good look. Thanks DeMarcus.”

That is the right move by the Kings — their media relations people have had to try to put out enough fires this season.

The Kings went on to beat the Bucks 111-104, only their second win of the season with Cousins sitting out. Rudy Game dropped 32 in the victory.