Nuggets’ Kenneth Faried says groin injury feels significant to him

Associated Press

Kenneth Faried sat out the Nuggets’ win over the Pistons Saturday night with a strained groin, and he is officially listed as day-to-day.

But those days could add up if you ask Faried.

The high-energy forward was asked by Christopher Dempsey of the Denver Post if the injury feels significant.

“Yeah, it does,” Faried said. “When something doesn’t enable me to run and jump and do what I do, then it’s a significant injury. So I’m kind of nervous. But everybody says it’s going to be okay, that it will just keep getting better, and to keep stretching it.”

This sounds like Faried being understandably concerned but the doctors understanding this injury. Faried is the starting four for the Nuggets and averages 12.5 points, 8.4 rebounds, and a block a game. He’s also been coming up in trade rumors recently, although it’s not likely he is moved at the February deadline.

Faried described the progression of the injury this way.

“I came in (on Friday) and got shots up and felt fine,” Faried said. “I lifted. Everything felt fine. but (Saturday) morning I woke up and I was hurting. I thought it was nothing, I thought it was from the workout of course. Then I tried to go through shootaround, and run and it just wasn’t happening.”

Groins, like hamstrings, can be tricky for players because they feel better, and players by their nature want to push through the injury, but that leads to setbacks. Expect the Nuggets to be cautious and take their time getting Faried back on the court.