Kobe Bryant first player with 30 million career All-Star votes

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Kobe Bryant has received a sendoff into retirement he never expected – especially with All-Star voting.

Of course, fans made him a starter. They’d done so the last 17 All-Star games. That wasn’t going to change now.

But they made him the overall vote leader for the first time in three years – and did so convincingly. Kobe received 287,289 more votes than second-place Stephen Curry. That’s the second largest difference between the top two vote getters since Michael Jordan was dominating the field. (Kevin Garnett topped LeBron James by 290,317 votes in 2008.)

This final-season surge has made Kobe the first player in NBA history with 30 million career All-Star votes.

All 26 players with at least 8 million career All-Star votes:


Player Career All-Star votes
Kobe Bryant 30,260,939
Shaquille O’Neal 23,834,598
LeBron James 23,726,274
Kevin Garnett 21,570,151
Tim Duncan 19,668,775
Dwyane Wade 18,497,921
Allen Iverson 17,808,867
Vince Carter 16,699,755
Yao Ming 15,512,453
Dwight Howard 15,398,416
Michael Jordan 15,104,506
Carmelo Anthony 14,184,030
Tracy McGrady 13,706,074
Jason Kidd 12,534,211
Grant Hill 11,932,259
Steve Nash 10,458,675
Charles Barkley 10,369,853
Dirk Nowitzki 10,326,304
Hakeem Olajuwon 9,685,533
Chris Paul 9,545,617
Karl Malone 8,974,323
Scottie Pippen 8,967,648
Kevin Durant 8,842,402
Amar’e Stoudemire 8,609,752
Ray Allen 8,320,090
Magic Johnson 8,150,450

Only votes of players on the NBA’s final annual leaderboard are counted.

How did Kobe get here?

He passed Shaq for the all-time lead in 2012, becoming the sixth player to close a season as the cumulative All-Star vote leader.

Here are the paths of all six, including Bob McAdoo, Julius Erving, Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan: