LeBron James has big lead as NBA’s highest-paid player, including endorsements

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LeBron James lost his spot atop the NBA’s list of most popular jerseys, but he’s still doing just fine financially.

In addition to its team valuations, Forbes also named the highest-paid NBA players. LeBron ($71 million) tops the list, ahead of Kevin Durant ($56.2 million) and Kobe Bryant ($50 million). In fact, LeBron is projected to earn more this season than fourth-place Derrick Rose ($34.1 million) and fifth-place James Harden ($32.8 million) combined.

Though Forbes lists only total compensation, we can use salary data to deduce how much each player earns from his NBA teams and endorsements. Here’s Forbes’ top 10, NBA salary in blue and endorsements in green:


Player Salary Endorsements Total
LeBron James $22,970,500 $48,029,500 $71,000,000
Kevin Durant $20,158,622 $36,041,378 $56,200,000
Kobe Bryant $25,000,000 $25,000,000 $50,000,000
Derrick Rose $20,093,064 $14,006,936 $34,100,000
James Harden $15,756,438 $17,043,562 $32,800,000
Dwyane Wade $20,000,000 $12,000,000 $32,000,000
Carmelo Anthony $22,875,000 $8,025,000 $30,900,000
Chris Paul $21,468,696 $8,531,304 $30,000,000
Dwight Howard $22,359,364 $5,040,636 $27,400,000
Blake Griffin $18,907,725 $7,992,275 $26,900,000

Joe Johnson ($24,894,863) and Chris Bosh ($22,192,730) are the only players with NBA salaries over $20 million not to crack this list.