Watch J.J. Redick drop nine threes on Houston in Clippers win (VIDEO)


This stat says it all:

J.J. Redick has taken 206 threes this season, hit 103 of them — 50 percent. From three. When every team has near the top of their scouting report to chase him off the arc. Needless to say, he leads the NBA in three-point percentage.

Redick dropped nine threes on the Rockets Monday night — and the Clippers needed all of his 40 points to beat the Rockets in overtime. With the win the Clippers are 10-1 without Blake Griffin, I guarantee you if Redick were out 11 games the Clippers’ record would not be as good. They need him.

By the way, Dwight Howard had 36 points and 26 boards in a losing effort. He was a beast.