Spurs’ Boban Marjanovic with no-look pass, dunk on Nets


Whenever the Spurs’ Boban Marjanovic enters the game, NBA Twitter goes on high alert. Hashtags are at the ready. As is the “Did Boban play?” account. In the arenas (even on the road) people are calling for him to play. The 7’3″ Serbian center has become that guy everyone roots for — which considering he’s a Spur is a huge accomplishment. He appreciates the love, as he told ESPN.

“I enjoy it every time,” he said. “They give me support and some energy. It’s good. I don’t drink Red Bull, but they give me wings.”

And he’s got some skill. He dropped 17 points in a game earlier this season, but you can see what he does well in this clip from San Antonio’s win over Brooklyn Monday. Boban has the skill to make the no-look pass, then when it comes to getting the rebound nobody on Brooklyn can move Boban off his spot.

Boban may be another of those brilliant Spurs finds in a couple of years. For right now, he’s just a lot of fun to watch — and to see how Twitter reacts when he does play. We want more Boban.

Hat tip NBA reddit.