Lamar Odom moved from Los Angeles hospital to private care facility

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In recent weeks, the stream of updates on Lamar Odom’s condition has slowed. Back in October, he was found unconscious at the Nevada brothel Love Ranch and taken to the hospital. A condition that at the time seemed life-threatening has stabilized, and now his family says that he has been moved to a private care facility.

Via the Associated Press:

Former NBA star Lamar Odom has been transferred from a Los Angeles hospital to a private facility. But there’s no word on his condition, three months after he was found unconscious and in critical condition at a Nevada brothel.

Family spokeswoman Alvina Alston says Friday that Odom was released from the hospital earlier in the week.

Alston says Odom’s family is proud of what’s termed his “miraculous and continued improvement” but isn’t providing details of his condition.

From the looks of it, Odom isn’t out of the woods yet, and reports indicate that he will have permanent brain damage, but it seems like he’s doing better than he was, and that’s all that really matters here.