NBA stops John Wall from paying Wizards assistant for turnovers

Getty Images

John Wall planned to pay Wizards assistant coach Howard Eisley $100 per three-plus-turnover game this season, which would’ve already cost the point guard $2,600.

Except the arrangement is off.

J. Michael of CSN Mid-Atlantic:

The NBA notified the Wizards’ point guard via phone call in mid-October, after it became public, that such an arrangement is against league policy.

“They squashed that early in the season,” Wall told after the Wizards held shootaround Friday morning before playing the Toronto Raptors. “The called us. I guess it’s betting. (They said) it’s league protocol.”

The plan always struck me as a bit strange. Beyond the gambling concerns (which I believe the NBA handled properly) and the potentially perverse incentives (what if Wall got too conservative?), Eisley was a strange beneficiary.

If Wall wants to hold himself financially accountable for high turnover games, OK. Maybe that’s the motivation he needs.

But why give Eisley the money?

Just donate it to charity or something. Maybe the NBA would allow that.

If you’re a Comcast subscriber in Washington, you can stream tonight’s Wizards-Raptors game here.