LeBron James drives significant All-Star Twitter voting for five players

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LeBron James has three close friends in the NBA: Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony.

They vacation together. They talk about competing in the 2016 Olympics together.

And they vote for each other for the All-Star game.

LeBron started the trend yesterday, and the others followed suit. As a 10s of thousands of All-Star votes were cast via retweets.

LeBron voted for Kevin Love, Irving, Wade, Paul and Melo:

Wade – who voted for Chris Bosh and Hassan Whiteside earlier in the day – added votes for Paul, Melo and LeBron

Paul voted for J.J. Redick, DeAndre Jordan, Blake Griffin, Jordan Crawford, LeBron, Wade and Melo:

Melo voted for LeBron, Paul, Wade and Kristaps Porzingis

Love voted for LeBron and Irving:

Here’s the breakdown of votes as of 7 p.m. today:

LeBron Wade Paul Melo Love Total
Wade 6159 x 1349 1338 8846
Melo 5246 1866 1610 x 8722
Irving 6367 1829 8196
LeBron x 2017 1210 1282 1663 6172
Paul 3997 1175 x 905 6077
Love 5023 x 5023
Porzingis 3821 3821
Whiteside 3154 3154
Bosh 2860 2860
Griffin 1204 1204
Crawford 1065 1065
Jordan 897 897
Redick 803 803

The major effects of this exercise relative to the initial voting returns:

  • Melo cut nearly more than half his deficit behind Andre Drummond for the third and final starting frontcourt spot in the East (though the Pistons are trying to get Drummond votes, too)
  • John Wall isn’t going to like this, but Irving increased what was the narrowest lead for a starting spot by more than 50%
  • Wade got the most votes, but he already a huge lead to start at guard for the Eastern Conference.