Karl-Anthony Towns defends play while holding Andrew Wiggins’ shoe


Karl-Anthony Towns is proving to be a versatile defender. He can protect the rim, show out on pick-and-rolls, and shows a high IQ defensively for a rookie.

And he can defend while holding a shoe.

Not sure how valuable that last skill is, but when Andrew Wiggins stepped out of his shoe during a defensive possession Monday against the Spurs, Towns picked up the shoe and held on to it (rather than toss it out-of-bounds). While carrying the shoe Towns still cut off a Tony Parker drive to the basket, then chased Parker out to the corner so there was no three (Parker passed inside to LaMarcus Aldridge, but he missed the shot).

Towns looked like his leading-candidate-for-Rookie-of-the-Year self on Monday with 10 points and 12 rebounds against San Antonio. Plus he was the best defender holding a shoe in his hands on the court.