George Karl cuts off press conference: ‘I’m done. I’m frustrated’

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George Karl was in a pretty foul mood after the Kings’ 98-94 loss to the Trail Blazers yesterday.

Sacramento committed 23 turnovers and blew a double-digit lead – to a team missing Damian Lillard.

Karl was despondent throughout his post-game press conference. After talking talking about his team’s miscues, the Kings coach declared “I’m done. I’m frustrated” and left:

Karl’s frustration was evident in his answers to earlier questions:

It’s not Karl’s words so much as the sounds he made between them. This is the stuff nightmares are made of:

Who would’ve thought coaching a team with DeMarcus Cousins (five turnovers) and Rajon Rondo (eight turnovers) would be so trying for a coach?

If you’re a Comcast subscriber in Northern California, you can stream tonight’s Kings-Warriors game here.