Spurs’ Tony Parker on Boris Diaw’s lack of rest: ”Pop wants him to lose weight”

Associated Press

It’s a joke, people. Every team has guys talking trash and making jokes at each other’s expense once the media is out of the locker room. But the Spurs have no fear poking fun at each other through the media.

The latest was a little back-and-forth between Tony Parker and Boris Diaw. The topic was the Spurs rest, and how 33-year-old Diaw rarely gets any the way Parker, Tim Duncan, and Manu Ginobili do. From the Associated Press (hat tip Eye on Basketball).

”I think it’s because Pop wants him to lose weight,” Parker said about his friend and fellow Frenchman. ”But I have to give credit to Bobo though he’s been playing very well and been taking care of his body. He’s looking good and he played great tonight.”

Diaw sees his lack of rest differently.

”Why would I? I’m so young,” he said. ”I’m same age as Tony, but I don’t age as much as much as they do. I stay young.”

Diaw’s weight has been an issue as long as he’s been in the NBA, but he has been more committed to conditioning since arriving in San Antonio. Also, remember that Parker and Diaw are both French, grew up playing together on national teams and the like, and are good friends. This is just guys being guys.

And the Spurs being the Spurs.