Report: Chuck Hayes and John Lucas III meet with Sixers coach Brett Brown


Throughout their recent public controversy and front-office overhaul, one of the chief criticisms lobbed at the Sixers has been that their roster lacks veterans of any kind. A report surfaced a couple of weeks ago that new president Jerry Colangelo was talking to the likes of Elton Brand and Shane Battier in an attempt to rectify this, and now’s Brian Windhorst adds two new—and, to be honest, pretty underwhelming—names to that list: big man Chuck Hayes and point guard John Lucas III.

As far as bottom-of-the-barrel veteran names they could add, Lucas and Hayes are…fine, I guess? They’ve both been widely regarded as good teammates and had long if unspectacular NBA careers. But the more meaningful change will come this summer if and when the Sixers spend actual money to bring in veterans in free agency. The current Sixers team is what it is, and bringing in a John Lucas III type as a glorified assistant coach isn’t going to change the reality of how bad they are. Like the Colangelo hire and subsequent hire of Mike D’Antoni as associate head coach, this feels more like a PR move than real change.