Kobe reiterates he has no intention of playing next season overseas


At the press conference the night Kobe Bryant made it official and said he would not play another NBA season, he was asked about maybe playing another season in Italy. Kobe answered in Italian (he’s fluent) and said, in so many words, no. Which echoed what he had said even before the formal announcement.

That has not changed. No matter what Stephon Marbury may want, Kobe Bryant says he is not playing a season overseas after this one. Via Baxter Holmes of ESPN.

Kobe appears at peace with his decision to retire, which was the most striking thing about his press conference. Here is a guy who has seen every obstacle — ones real and imagined — as something that must be conquered. To admit that Father Time has won the race, that all the effort he puts in does not reflect on the court anymore has got to be hard for him. But he’s accepted it.

And he’s not going to put his body through that for a season overseas.