Andrew Bogut hopes to sign contract extension with Warriors


Andrew Bogut clearly loves life with the defending-champion Warriors.

So, he wants to stay in Golden State past the expiration of his contract in 2017.

Bogut, via Sam Amick of USA Today:

“Look, we’ll definitely have the discussion (with management this summer about a possible extension for Bogut). There’s no doubt about it. I’m not a greedy guy…I know at what point in my career I am, and I definitely want some stability and to remain in the same place if I can. Obviously this is a great team we have going, and I want to remain here. There’s no doubt about that. But we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. I’d love to stay. I’d love to never be a free agent…I’m happy to stay here if it’s good for both parties, and we’ll see where we’re at.”

The max extension Bogut can sign between July and the following June is three years, $43,963,723 ($14,654,574 per season).

That seems relatively fair for a 31-year-old who plays elite defense, contributes positively offensively and wants to take a discount to stay with a winner.

If Bogut wanted to get a little more on the open market, he probably could. And if the Warriors could give him a larger extension, they probably would – at least if they’re keeping the core of this team together. But the extension rules limiting both sides probably make this a simple negotiation.

The max value of a contract extension is typically based on the final-season salary – usually the highest salary – of the previous deal. Bogut’s salary declines from $13.8 million this season to $12,681,081 next season, which reduces the size of a potential extension relative to one on a commonly structured contract.

Occasionally, a player can use his average salary during his previous deal rather than his final-season salary. The Thunder and Nick Collison, whose previous extension also contained a declining salary, did that with his new extension earlier this year. Bogut is not eligible for that, though, because he hasn’t spent 10 seasons with his current team.

So, it’s a little less than $44 million over three years or bust. There’s little doubt Bogut is worth that to the Warriors.

However, might they try for an even better value player instead?

They didn’t extend the contracts of Harrison Barnes or Festus Ezeli, and moving Bogut this summer could create even more flexibility – maybe enough to sign rumored target Kevin Durant. Any team would obviously rather pay Durant the max than Bogut nearly $15 million per season.

Obviously, luring Durant to Golden State is a longshot. Just as obviously, it’s worth the effort.

Barring that big shakeup, it seems wise to lock up Bogut for the next few years and continue transitioning to Ezeli as the starting center.