How many All-Stars should Warriors have? Curry says why not five?


Stephen Curry is a lock, the fans will vote him in as a All-Star starter (and likely top vote getter overall). Klay Thompson was an All-Star last season and is close to certain to be again, although the backcourt in the Western Conference race is a crowded space. If Draymond Green isn’t an All-Star it’s a crime.

But how many Golden State Warriors should make the All-Star Team?

Stephen Curry thinks three would be low, as he told the San Jose Mercury News.

“Why not five?” he said.

“The way they we play, every given night we all want to have an impact on the game,” Curry said. “Stats may look a certain way and you can make judgments off of that. But when a team goes 25-1, and hopefully we keep that trajectory going, hopefully individual guys are recognized for what they mean to the team.”

The problem is other teams get guys, too. With Curry and Thompson likely in for the backcourt, you can bet on Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul, and probably James Harden making the cut. In the front court there is Green, Blake Griffin, Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, Dirk Nowitzki, Anthony Davis, and DeMarcus Cousins — and that leaves guys like Tim Duncan and (the deserving) Derrick Favors off the team.

Who of those guys are you going to drop to put in Harrison Barnes, Andre Iguodala, or Andrew Bogut?

Those last three Warriors are fantastic players — and more importantly perfect fits for the Warriors’ offense — but All-Stars? Nah.

Three’s company. That works.

Unless you want to count Luke Walton/Steve Kerr as coach.