Pistons’ Brandon Jennings targets Dec. 29 for return


With all the talk the past couple days of guys who could be traded in the next couple of months, one name that didn’t come up enough was Detroit’s Brandon Jennings. The Pistons seem committed to having Reggie Jackson at the point — he has real chemistry with Andre Drummond — and while Jennings could play a little at the two that’s not a long-term answer.

Why didn’t Jennings’ name come up? He hasn’t been on the court, still recovering from his torn Achilles. But that’s about to change according to Vincent Goodwill of CSNChicago.com.

Jennings also said he would be shaking off some rust by playing in the D-League for a few games before that date.

Jackson and Jennings both played well for Detroit last season. Jackson put up more points per game, Jennings shot better from three, and their PERs were almost identical (19.8 and 19.7). But Stan Van Gundy gave Jackson an $80 million contract this summer because of his chemistry with Drummond (the Pistons are +9.2 points per 100 possessions when they are on the court today). Van Gundy has said he thinks Jennings and Jackson can play together, where Jennings can play more of the two on offense because he has the shot to space the floor, while Jackson is solid enough defensively to guard twos.

That said, look for Jennings to get run at the point as he returns and Stan Van Gundy tries to showcase someone he would trade. Jennings is in the last year of his contract, so he would be a rental, but off the bench that could work for some teams. Something to watch.