What costs more: Sixers ticket or beer at arena?

Associated Press

There are two things that NBA fans from the Moda Center in Portland to the American Airlines Arena can agree on: Jerseys with sleeves suck, and beer at the arena costs too much.

But in Philadelphia, where you can get a ticket to a Sixers game at a single-digit price — how much are you going to pay to see that team? — it raises an interesting question:

What costs more, the ticket or the beer? One fan posted his answer.

beer screenshot

First, notice this guy is not way up at the top of the arena, he got single-digit ticket prices in the lower bowl. Among the things Jerry Colangelo needs to fix

Second, $9 for a Coors Light can may be the norm around the league, but that is highway robbery.

Finally, I went on a couple secondary market ticket sites (Seat Geet and Stubhub) to see how cheaply I could buy a ticket to see the Sixers in Philly, and the answer was $8 to see Detroit, $15 to see New York, $7 to see Memphis, and $8 to see Minnesota.

So yes, a $9 Coors Light costs more than most of those. And if you decide to splurge a little and get a good craft beer, well, you might as well be sitting courtside.

(Hat tip SBNation.com)