Pistons’ Brandon Jennings about three weeks away from return


The Pistons have been one of the more positive surprises in the NBA this season, mostly thanks to Andre Drummond (the best traditional center in the game this season) and point guard Reggie Jackson. When Drummond and Jackson are on the court together this season the Pistons outscore their opponents by 8.7 points per 100 possessions.

But more help at the point is on the way. Coach Stan Van Gundy discussed a minor setback in the rehab of Brandon Jennings, but said he could be back in about three weeks. Via Rod Beard of the Detroit News.

A baker’s cyst is a build up of fluid behind the knee in a little sac. It’s easily treatable and more just a product of his work to get the knee right and get back on the court.

When he does, Van Gundy will have some challenges. He will try to play Jennings and Jackson together (with Jennings more the two guard on offense), plus he will have to see who plays off those groups well in the rotations. Also don’t be shocked if Jennings is shopped as the trade deadline gets closer.