Video surfaces of second Jahlil Okafor fight in Boston


Early on Thanksgiving morning, Jahlil Okafor found himself in an altercation with a heckler in Boston, and video surfaced on TMZ. Now, it turns out that wasn’t the only fight Okafor got into on that night. TMZ has video of a second incident that purportedly shows Okafor throwing punches:

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The optimistic reading of this whole situation is that the two incidents occurred on the same night, and footage is just trickling out slowly. It could be a situation where Okafor made a series of bad decisions on one night, as opposed to something that’s a repeated problem over weeks and months for him. But combined with a previous incident where he reportedly had a gun pulled on him, and another where he was stopped for driving 108 miles per hour on a bridge with a 40-mile limit, these incidents keep adding up for Okafor. He’s only 19, so there’s hope that he’ll make better decisions going forward, but right now, none of this is a good look.