Report/spin from Cleveland: Kyrie Irving “destroyed” LeBron 1-on-1


Take this with the entire box of Kosher salt you just picked up for cooking Thanksgiving dinner, because we have entered the “Cleveland Cavaliers Spin Zone.”

Cavaliers’ coach David Blatt said Saturday that Kyrie Irving was doing some 5-0 work and some 1-on-1 drills, making progress, but there was no timetable for his return. That wasn’t enough positive spin for someone in the Cavaliers organization, who leaked this to Dave McMenamin of ESPN.

Kyrie Irving played a set of modified 1-on-1 games against LeBron James after the Cleveland Cavaliers’ shootaround Saturday and “destroyed him,” a team source told

They weren’t true games of 1-on-1 in the sense that only one dribble was allowed per possession, thus rendering James’ significant size advantage moot as he couldn’t simply back Irving down with his dribble and post him up. Games finished with the first player to score three baskets.

Getting hot from the outside with his shot helped Irving succeed, per the source.To be fair, James ultimately evened the set of games 2-2 before the pair finished for the afternoon, but Irving was, apparently, in the zone.

What kind of zone one can actually get in for a game with modified rules which favors guards who have quick first steps and outside shots pretty much the only option is up for debate, but apparently his jumper was falling during this afternoon practice.

Good for him, but don’t read much into it because the difference between a one-dribble-only, 1-on-1 practice game and an NBA game is the difference between dancing like Uma Thurman and dancing like Mark Madsen. Which is to say “destroyed” is not the word that one would use here, unless one were trying to spin things in a pro-Cavaliers way. Which clearly someone was.

That said, the Cavaliers are 10-3 this season, the top seed in the East, and they are doing it without two starters in Irving and Iman Shumpert. This team is going to get a lot better as the season wears on and they get healthy.