J.R. Smith broke bone, had it heal without realizing


J.R. Smith sometimes seems like he’s living in his own world, whether he’s buying cotton candy during a game or hoisting halfcourt shots at an unmatched rate.

Smith just does things his way.

Apparently, that includes an unconventional – and unintentional – method for injury recovery.

Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon Journal:

An X-ray over the weekend revealed a broken bone in his right thumb he never knew he had. Smith doesn’t know how or when it happened, but team doctors told him it occurred long enough ago that it healed on its own. But the hand is still prone to swelling whenever he gets hit on it, which happened Friday at Madison Square Garden.

Smith has been banged up this season, apparently more so than even he knew. That could explain his 25% 3-point shooting through the Cavaliers’ first 10 games, a mark that would be a career low.

But he has gone 7-for-14 from beyond the arc in his last two games, maybe a sign of improved health.

The Cavaliers are in it for the long haul, and they need Smith as an accurate long-range threat. After some early hiccups, it seems there’s good reason to believe he’ll adequately fill that role.