Frank Kaminsky: I think Michael Jordan would beat me one-on-one


Michael Jordan said he was pretty sure he could beat some current Hornets one-on-one.

Frank Kaminsky agrees with the team’s owner, and the rookie points the finger at himself.

Kaminsky on The Dan Patrick Show:

Patrick: “You think you could take him one-on-one?”

Kaminsky: “No. I wouldn’t want to try.”

Patrick: “You don’t want to beat one of your heroes. Is that what you’re saying?”

Kaminsky: “No. I’m actually saying the opposite. I don’t want to lose.”

Patrick: “Now, he thinks he could beat you.”

Kaminsky: “I think he could beat me, too.”

If a 52-year-old Jordan can beat Kaminsky, that’s a problem for Kaminsky – and Jordan by extension. The Hornets owner rejected a loaded trade offer from the Celtics to draft Kaminsky. Charlotte has paid a huge opportunity cost for Kaminsky.

I’ll give Kaminsky the benefit of the doubt that he was just flattering his boss.

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