NBA: Kyle Lowry actually offensively fouled Andre Iguodala twice

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The Warriors remained undefeated with a win over the Raptors last night, but not without a little controversy.

With the shot clock and game clock practically synced, Toronto attempted to score while trailing by one. Kyle Lowry screened Andre Iguodala, and officials called Lowry for a debatable offensive foul.

That was the right call, according to the NBA’s Last Two Minute Report. In fact, the league ruled Lowry should have first been called for fouling Iguodala a few seconds earlier:

Lowry (TOR) grabs Iguodala’s (GSW) right arm and affects his ability to defend.

The Warriors aren’t completely vindicated, though.

The NBA also ruled Stephen Curry got away with travelling before this crucial basket:

[Observable in enhanced video] Curry (GSW) moves his pivot foot.