Police report: Gerald Green punched someone in the eye


We don’t know much about the night that caused the Heat to suspend Gerald Green two games.

He was reportedly acting erratically and then hospitalized.

Manny Navarro and Chuck Rabin of the Miami Herald:

But a Nov. 4 City of Miami police incident report shed more light. Green, 29, showed up at the front desk of his condo with bloody hands, asked a clerk to call paramedics, then walked outside into the valet area, where he collapsed.

Then Green recovered, walked back inside and punched someone in the eye who was trying to stop him from going back up to his apartment, the report says. The victim, though — a Hispanic male in his 30s who came to Green’s aid after he collapsed — chose not to press charges, police said.

What caused Green to act this way? There’s still much more unrevealed, but if Green stays clear of further trouble, this might fade without more details emerging.