Toronto’s DeMarre Carroll already battling plantar fasciitis


The Toronto Raptors are off to an impressive 5-1 start, in part due to a defensive turnaround — they are ninth in the league in defensive efficiency. DeMarre Carroll deserves credit for some of that turnaround — he gives them an elite perimeter defender, plus he has been at the heart of the mentality change on that end of the court north of the border.

Which is why this is not good news — he is already battling plantar fasciitis. He skipped practice on Saturday and talked with Mike Ganter of the Toronto Sun about it.

“People don’t really know,” Carroll said, “but I’m just trying to give what I can to the team. I feel like me going out there and doing what I can to help this team and if that’s me at 70% then I’ll give them 70%. It might already be to the point where I have to start listening to my body.”

“I got to worry about 82, so I got to be smarter, but me just being who I am and being a competitor I just want to go out there and give my all to my teammates and give my all to the coaching staff.”

The only real cure for plantar fasciitis is rest. That may not sit well with Carroll, but this is something that just lingers if not given time to get healthy. It’s November, there are 76 games left on the Raptors schedule — he shouldn’t be pushing through too much now for the sake of a couple wins (which this team may be able to get without him). It’s about the next 76, and then the first round of the playoffs after that. He needs to just get healthy. Take a book out of the Popovich playbook — and almost everybody else now — and rest.

It’s not like anyone in the Atlantic Division is going to catch them anyway.