Think of the children: Why LeBron James is wearing shorter shorts


LeBron James has worn noticeably shorter shorts this season.

It’s apparently more than a matter of comfort.

Chris Haynes of

He had expressed to those close to him he wants to leave the baggy look behind and place a renewed emphasis on professional appearance when it comes to the size of his uniform

As James is the biggest name in the league and arguably in all of sports, he feels an obligation to shift the minds of kids on what is considered fashionable and acceptable. The kids who will play in the NBA in the future look to today’s players as role models.

“I’m always thinking about ways I can be of help,” James told “That’s what it’s about, making sure you’re doing your part.”

I didn’t realize baggy shorts were a poor influence on the kids. Think of all the poor children who rooted for LeBron before this season. Can they still be saved?

LeBron has done plenty to serve as a positive role model. This isn’t it.

There’s a time and place for different clothing. If baggy shorts make you comfortable on the basketball court, you should wear baggy shorts. There’s nothing inherently wrong with loose shorts. Some people might have an issue with the type of people they believe wear baggy shorts, but that’s their problem. Nobody should conform to those concerns.

Besides, if LeBron deems uniform decorum so important, how does he explain this?