PBT Extra: Is Derrick Rose back?



It’s a concept rarely applied to discussions of Derrick Rose. But it needs to be. After three sub-par games and reports that the this was the beginning of the end for Rose’s time with the Bulls, he bounced back Thursday night with 29 points as the Bulls beat the Thunder.

So the question for this PBT Extra: He’s answered his critics and is back, right? It’s not that simple. Rose is never going to be the old, explosive MVP Rose again (his change of direction at speed is not there anymore, which impacts his finishing inside). And this is becoming Jimmy Butler‘s team. But the Rose who was getting inside, creating offense, and knocking down midrange jumpers against the Thunder Thursday night can do a lot of damage and be part of a very good Bulls team.

As for Rose and Butler, they are going to be together for a little while yet, and more wins like Thursday will cure a lot of ills.