Dario Saric insists he’ll sign with 76ers next summer


Dario Saric signed a contract before the 2014 NBA draft that would seemingly keep him in Europe at least two more seasons.

Since, Saric – the No. 12 pick in 2014 whose rights are held by the 76ers – has been linked to jumping stateside two years ago and last year. Obviously, neither happened.

Saric has always said he’d most likely join the NBA in 2016, but this is the most definitive he has been.

Saric, via Vecernji list:

I am in constant contact with the Sixers, they wanted me as soon as possible, but I have a contract with Efes.

But in the summer I will still go because I have a way out in the contract.

I still have doubts for one major reason: If Saric waits another year, he’ll no longer be tied to the restrictive rookie scale. He’d be free to negotiate any contract in 2017.

Next summer, his only option will be a four-year $10,749,666 deal with $4,740,840 guaranteed, two team options and the likely fate of restricted free agency if he completes the contract. If he accepts those terms, it’d be great for the 76ers, not so great for Saric.

Philadelphia should be encouraged Saric is speaking so emphatically about signing next summer, but he also talked – though not nearly as resolutely – about signing the last two years. I need to see more proof before becoming totally convinced he’ll be a 76er next season.