Report: Sixers to add Phil Pressey with roster exemption spot


The Sixers petitioned the league for a roster exemption — they have four injured players who have missed at least three straight games — and the league granted it, letting them add a 16th player due to injuries.

It looks like Phil Pressey will get the call, reports Bob Cooney of the Daily News.

That’s not a bad pickup, as point guards you can find available right now go. He’s a classic pass-first guy who played two seasons in Boston then started out in the Portland training camp this season but didn’t make the cut.

He’s lightning quick, but you don’t have to respect his outside shot and he struggles to finish in the paint over tall defenders (he shot 50 percent inside three feet last season, according to His quickness makes him a reasonable defender.

Pressey isn’t a long-term answer, but as a Band-Aid he will do the job.