Draymond Green texted Clippers when DeAndre Jordan appeared out: You’re done


Draymond Green‘s dislike of the Clippers isn’t just a publicity stunt to raise his profile and sell t-shirts.

It extends to private conversations – like one with Clippers rookie Branden Dawson, a former Michigan State teammate.

Green struck once it appeared DeAndre Jordan would sign with the Mavericks.

Dawson, via The Beast 980:

When they found out that DeAndre was supposedly leaving, Draymond texts us, he texts in a group message, he said, we’re done. Draymond Green, he’s a trash talker. He’s always going to talk trash, no matter what. I just put, “LOL. We’ll see.”

Green was right. The Clippers would have been done without Jordan – at least for a year. Capped out and with no way to replace their star center, they almost certainly would’ve taken a step back.

But Jordan obviously had a change of heart and re-signed with the Clippers, who have added several talented players like Lance Stephenson, Paul Pierce and Josh Smith. They’re anything but done.

And neither are the Warriors, who look even better so far this season after winning last year’s championship.

That’s what makes this rivalry – including tonight’s game – so fun.