Austin Rivers fined $25,000 for throwing seat cushion that hit fan


During a raucous fourth quarter in Sacramento Wednesday — where there was no love lost between the Clippers and KingsAustin Rivers threw a seat cushion into the crowd during a fourth quarter timeout. Apparently he was frustrated.

That cushion caught a fan in the face and it’s going to cost Rivers some cash.

The NBA has come down Rivers with a $25,000, the league announced Thursday.

You had to know this is coming. For one thing, Players have control your emotions no matter what a fans says. For another, there is already is a precedent for this — “Big Baby” Glen Davis was fined $15,000 for kicking a seat cushion into the crowd at Boston Garden when he was a Clipper.

Rivers played 16 minutes and had three points, one assist, and a couple of steals against the Kings. While he made some nice defensive plays, including a key late steal, his offensive decision making was not pretty.