Andrew Bogut actually had his championship ring fit for his middle finger (video)


Like other Warriors, Andrew Bogut was irked by Doc Rivers’ comments about Golden State.

But unlike his teammates, Bogut has actually done more than talk about his displeasure with the Clippers coach.

Bogut a couple weeks ago, via the Fitz & Brooks podcast on KNBR

I’ve actually got my ring fitted for my middle finger so they can kiss that one.

I just don’t understand that. We respect all previous champs. We’ll respect future champs. They don’t want to respect us, so be it. We’ve got a ring. We did all the hard work. We know what it takes,, and e don’t need any more motivation. But if they want to throw some at us, we’ll definitely put it on a board and be aware of that.

It’s one thing taking it from a team that’s won a championship, taking those kinds of criticisms. To haven’t won a championship, it’s kind of dead air.

That was no empty threat.

Bogut actually did it, as shown above in the video of the Warriors’ ring ceremony.

This rivalry is fantastic. Bogut is fantastic.

I can’t wait to see how the Clippers respond.