PBT Extra: Cavaliers, Bulls opener not exactly Eastern Finals preview

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If you’re looking for the conventional wisdom pick for the Eastern Conference Finals, it’s the Cavaliers and the Bulls.

Which should make Tuesday night’s season-opening game between the two teams interesting, but the reality is what these teams look like Tuesday night will be vastly different from the teams we see if they meet in May. That’s the focus of this latest PBT Extra.

The Cavaliers are without Kyrie Irving and have a season to figure out how to integrate Kevin Love into what LeBron James wants to do. The Bulls have to see what they can get out of Derrick Rose, how he meshes with Jimmy Butler, and how a crowded frontcourt rotation is going to shake out.

All of that is going to take much of the season. Meaning, enjoy this game, but don’t read much into it one way or another.