Warriors’ Shaun Livingston calls out Clippers, particularly Blake Griffin


The Warriors and Clippers have been engaged in a backandforth, backandforth, backandforth feud dating back months.

Even a preseason games raises tensions, this time from Golden State guard Shaun Livingston – directed at Blake Griffin in particular.

Monte Poole of CSN Bay Area:

Though most Warriors either bit their tongues or kept their frankest comments “off the record,” veteran guard Shaun Livingston, a former Clipper, was too bothered to keep quiet about some of the things that took place in a 130-95 preseason loss at Staples Center.

“They were out there talking. If they want to talk, we want to talk,” Livingston told CSNBayArea.com. “We’re not going to just back down. They’re up 20 and talking, up 30 and still talking.

Livingston was particularly annoyed that Griffin was so animated during a preseason game.

“He’s going with all these antics; just play,” Livingston said. “He’s out here wrapping me up, putting elbows to my forehead. Ok. I understand. Don’t get me wrong. They want to beat us.

“I’ve got 12 years in this thing, and you’re out here trying to throw elbows at me and wrap me up and do all that,” Livingston said. “That makes no sense to me. Just play and you don’t have to do all of that. You’re big enough and strong enough that you can just box me out without doing all of that.”

Griping about the winning team? Livingston sounds like a Clipper.