James Dolan: No scenario Isiah Thomas returns to Knicks


The Knicks demoted Isiah Thomas from team president in 2008 and fired him as coach a couple weeks later.

But they hired him as a consultant in 2010 (though the NBA nixed it because he was still coaching Florida International), probably used him as a consultant in 2011 and offered him a job in 2012. The WNBA’s New York Liberty, also owned by James Dolan, named Thomas president in May.

As long as Dolan, a friend to Thomas, is around, the threat of Thomas returning to the Knicks looms.

Can Dolan imagine any scenario where that happens?

Dolan, via HBO Real Sports:


There’s 29 teams, right, out there in the NBA, any one of which would be an easier assignment than this one. I don’t think that the New York market would ever give him a fair chance at this. And I can’t imagine why that would be. what would make it worthwhile to go and try and get one.

Knicks fans everywhere: “Promise?”

There’s only one reason Thomas should never return to the Knicks: He did a terrible job the first time. It should have nothing to do with whether the New York market would forgive him. That’s a ridiculous excuse, one that shows how detached from reality Dolan is.

Asked about returning to the Knicks, Thomas wasn’t quite as resolute.


That’s a slippery-slope question. I can comfortably tell you this: I don’t see myself ever coaching the New York Knicks.

Coaching?! I thought we were all thinking front office. Thomas clearly leaves that door open.

As long as Dolan doesn’t change his mind, Thomas won’t be back – not nearly enough of an assurance for Knicks fans.