Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan visit Lamar Odom in hospital


When Lamar Odom first went into the hospital after a drug overdose left him unconscious at a brothel outside Las Vegas, his former team the Los Angeles Clippers were in China playing a couple NBA preseason games and being ambassadors of the brand (and their shoe companies).

But upon the Clips return Wednesday Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, and DeAndre Jordan went to the hospital in Las Vegas where Odom remains in critical condition to see their former teammate, reports Melissa Rohlin at the Los Angeles Times.

“He probably has no idea we were there, but just to be there and to see him, hopefully he knows there’s a lot of guys that love him and want to see him do better and want to see him get better,” Griffin said before the Clippers practiced Saturday.

Odom has improved since Wednesday and is now more conversational, but he is not out the woods. Plus, he likely has lasting brain damage on some level from the stroke suffered during his overdose.

As have a lot of former teammates, CP3 and Griffin had nothing but praise for Odom.

“He was great for me in teaching me that you’re going to have bad games, you’re going to have a bad stretch of the season; just shake it off, stay loose, stay happy,” Griffin said. “And he was great about it, keeping us happy.”

Added Paul: “LO is just one of those guys who, when he was on our team, he had that veteran leadership. He knew what it took to win. He was very lighthearted. When things got a little bit too serious, he was the one who kept us relaxed and laughed and stuff like that. He’s just an unbelievable guy.”

The Clipper trio were among a number of NBA players who came to visit Odom in the hospital, including Kobe Bryant.