Report: Western Conference team considering signing Larry Sanders


Larry Sanders’ buyout with the Bucks last February culminated a long two years that included not seeing eye-to-eye with his coach, getting into a bar fight, arguing with a teammate,suffering a season-ending injury, getting suspended for marijuana, getting suspended for pushing an opponent, leaving the Bucks for personal reasons, getting suspended again for drugs and getting treated for depression.

But he’s a 26-year-old free agent center just a couple years removed from excellent production.

Gery Woelfel of The Journal Times:

I’d be really surprised if this happens.

Sanders was facing issues bigger than basketball when he accepted his buyout, and I’m not sure he’s ready to return to the NBA.

Any team considering signing him must also weigh the locker-room factors that led to his exit from Milwaukee. With guaranteed money from the Bucks still coming in, how motivated is he to stay within the lines?

And what’s the upside? Sanders wasn’t the same player the last couple years. I’m not sure sitting out has done him any favors.

Sanders shouldn’t be banished from the NBA for good, and there might come a point taking a flyer on him makes sense. I’d just be surprised if we’re there already.