Paul Pierce doesn’t let teammates wear LeBron shoes


It started back Paul Pierce was in Boston and the Celtics were contenders, he and LeBron James had some epic battles, which developed into a rivalry and spilled over into other games. Even the preseason.

Pierce takes this seriously. Very seriously.

At Wizards media day Monday, Polish big man Marcin Gortat was asked if he learned anything from Pierce (who left the Wizards to take less money from the Clippers this summer). (Hat Tip Complex)

My first thought: Pierce can recognize LeBron’s? Did not expect that.

Lance Stephenson will probably back Pierce up on this around the Clippers. Especially if someone rolls in the new 13s.

Last season DeAndre Jordan and J.J. Redick wore the Nike Zoom Soldier 8, which is considered LeBron’s secondary shoe (it’s not part of his signature shoe line, but he rolled in previous incarnations at times). I imagine Pierce isn’t going to try to call that one out, and if he does I imagine Jordan’s response will be something I could not publish on this family-friendly site.